John Rutter Requiem concert- April 2012 by Harry Wiggett

I can”t quite explain it, but there always seems to be a vibe in the buzz when performers and audience start arriving for a concert that signals: We”re in for something special!

And last night in St. John”s Church, Wynberg it was just so. The concert began with Handel”s rousing Zadok the Priest, Alexander energising his musicians and singers into an immediate unity of spirit and intent, the resulting performance stunning the audinece into a burst of jubillant appreciation. Continue reading

A word about our conductor – May 2012 by Harry Wiggett


We members of the Symphony Choir of Cape Town have had the privilege of being under the direction of Alexander Fokkens for the past six years. During that time we have seen the maturing of a gifted young musician into a conductor of the finest calibre. His initial youthful impatience and frustration with singers, some of whom were not committed to practising their notes at home between rehearsals, or others who felt they had sung some of the works at previous concerts and therefore had no need to work afresh at the notes, I personally found understandable. It has been quite remarkable to witness and experience how the professional Alexander has faced these unneccesary time-consuming challenges, and, how he has come to handle these frustrations with a sensitivity towards the choir as a whole, is laudable. Continue reading

Carmina Burana – September 2011 by Nadia Essop

Carmina Burana: quest for redemption?

By Nadia Essop


September 2011, Baxter Auditorium, Cape Town. Maestro Alexander Fokkens sweeps his baton and unleashes ‘O Fortuna’, a gateway to some primal energy. Goosebumps crawl across the flesh, the heart pounds, and there is no time to exhale. The choir falls from fortissimo to pianissimo, and a steady plea ensues. But nothing is as it seems. Below the surface of crisp words brews something unsettling, something urgent. The murmur steadily swells, until its force is let loose on one long breath: ‘Let us mourn together, for fate crushes the brave.Continue reading

Bach Magnificat – May 2011 by Harry Wiggett

Reflections on the Bach Concert held in April 2011 – By Choir member, Rev Harry Wiggett (bass)

I have a tale to tell:

For Jean and me it was a very special event:

Some years ago Archbishop Desmond Tutu made it possible for our younger son, David, to complete his schooling – standards nine and ten – at Bishops provided he went as a boarder. Quite a challenge for a teenage boy to join such an established fraternity of scholars at that stage of his schooling. But, it paid dividends inasmuch as David became afire for education and now, on the eve of his 39th birthday has been appointed Head of Aurora Independent School in Johannesburg. Continue reading

As It Is In Cape Town


First-class choirs can’t be created without the occasional clanging note



As anyone who saw the movie “As it is in Heaven” will know, creating a good choir out of a rich assortment of people connected by nothing more than their love of singing is no simple matter. The Symphony Choir of Cape Town may not boast quite the drama of its famous Swedish counterpart, but it’s had enough clashes, turbulence, discordant notes and big bangs in the past few years for its present harmony to be well worth celebrating.

Continue reading

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