The SCCT is intended to comprise an amateur choral body open to and representative of the broad Cape community. As such the SCCT rejects discrimination based on race, creed, gender, sexuality, physical disability or marital status. The main objects for which the SCCT is established are:
To initiate, participate in or be associated with any activities aimed at the positive and purposeful advancement of choral music through participation in and/or organisation of public concerts at which choral music will be performed.

Mozart Requiem at the Lutheran Church 2019


The Symphony Choir of Cape Town strongly believes in the value and power of music and the human voice to inspire, educate, enrich and unite and to serve as a catalyst for the growth and development of people in many ways.

Our primary focus is to perform an ever-widening repertoire of choral music for a broad community of audiences and we are committed to polished, well-rehearsed performances of selected works to the highest level of mastery.

We are determined that we remain an affordable and accessible outlet for the community in which to experience the choral arts so strive to create a balance between our passion for reaching everyone in an innovative and thoughtful way and our stewardship of resources.

Mahler “The Resurrection” 2018 at Cape Town City Hall